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Studio SchematicsOnline schematics for assorted Mic Preamps, Compressors, F/X and assorted Studio & Music Electronics

ST-70 Mic Preamp Project
Altec Page
Dusty Files I
Dusty Files II
EIA-RETMA Codes for US Electronic Parts
Area 51
Mega Ongaku!
Old Tube Ads
Why Tubes Sound Better
ST70 Troubleshooting & Triode Connecting Information
RAT Tube Tester Project By Steve Bench
So you want to open a tube factory?
Qualty Control in Radio Tube Manufacture
Some Aspects of Radio Valve Manufacture
Practical Considerations in the Design of Low Microphonic Tubes
The Manufacture of Vacuum Detectors
Vacuum Insertion of Heaters
Mass Spectrometry in Electron Tube Manufacture
Materals for Vacuum Tube Manufacture
Anode Materals for High Vacuum Tubes

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