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P782 EXP 240V Export Power Transformer for Dynaco MkII & MkIII Sunn MADE IN USA

Improved replacement 240VAC primary export power transformer for Dynaco MkII and Mk III amplifiers and Sunn Amplifiers.

P782 S Export replacement power transformer for Dynaco (tm) Mark 3 and Mark 2 amplifiers. Bolts directly on without modifications. Also a bolton replacement for 60 watt (2 6550's or KT88's) Sunn amps that have Dynaco transformers (this should be printed on the transformer cover...some Sunns use Schumacher transformers, those have "606" code stamped on the transformer). Rated 400-0-400V (800VCT) at 200 ma (actually, will deliver up to 300 ma continuous, albeit at a slightly lower voltage) , 5V at 3A, 6.3VCT at 5A, also has 60V bias tap. Primary 240VAC VAC 50/60 Hz. Transformer dimensions are 4 3/4 inches high X 3 3/4 wide X 3 3/4 inches deep over the covers, mounting hole centers are 2 7/8 inchs X 3 inches. Brand new production, in stock, and MADE IN USA. Using the P782 to replace power transformers in other amps...this is possible, as there are many other amps that put out 50 to 70W from a pair of 6550's or EL34's, however, in most cases, the mounting is different, so a bit of drilling will usually be required. Note that this transformer used with 5AR4's will put out over 500V, with solid state rectifiers, filter capacitor rating of at least 600V (or 2 300V in series,) is required. It may be possible to use these on Ampeg & Traynor amps that need about 525V of DC.


END BELL COVER REPLACEMENT A431 P782 P782EXP endbella431p782$9.95

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