7 pin Sockets and Shields

These sockets fit tubes such as 6AU6/EF94, 6AK5/EF95, 6AQ5/EL90, etc, (except for septar socket, which fits tubes such as 829B, 6C33C).

Note that for items noted as NOS (New Old Stock, meaning not currently manufactured), quantities may be limited to stock on hand.


7 Pin Ceramic Chassis Mount Socket7 Pin Ceramic Chassis Mount SocketChassis mount 7 pin ceramic socket. Mounts from top or bottom of chassis in a 5/8 inch (17mm) hole. You can add a shild using the dropdown menu below to make a 7 pin shielded socket.

Ceramic 7 Pin PC Mount socketCeramic 7 Pin PC Mount socket7-pin ceramic tube socket with PC pins commonly used for tubes such as the 6X4 rectifier. PC mount 11/16 chassis hole required 11/16" tail diameter

Plastic Chassis Mount 7 Pin SocketPlastic Chassis Mount 7 Pin SocketMounts from bottom of chassis. Standard NOS US issue for mounting in a 5/8 inch hole. NOS USA manufacture. LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND.


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