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The new ST-35i Chassis and Base is designed to afford better cooling and added space for the under chassis filter choke and capboard. The ST 35i Chassis accepts the power and output transformers from the original Dynaco ST-35, SCA 35 amplifiers, and new Dynaco transformers clones, like ours. In addition, it gives extra spacing for power transformers to run cooler. As an added bonus, the new design is provided with cutouts for Dynaco PC10 (SCA 35) or PC 13 (ST-35) circuit boards. The circuit boards are placed up front and away from the output transformers. The new design allows for improved natural convection air flow so the unit runs cooler.

Accepts the original St-35 and SCA 35 power and output transformers as well as PC-10 (SCA 35) and PC-13 (ST-35) circuit boards. An important change to the ST 35i is its overall increased size that allows it to run cooler and increased depth to accommodate a power supply choke. The redesigned ST-35i chassis has been updated to accommodate a mini rocker on/off power switch. Speaker output terminal strips have been removed to allow for the use of 5-way binding posts with 3/4" spacing which accept dual banana plugs. A pair of holes have been provided on the front panel for the insulated RCA input jacks. Precision engineered and manufactured to the same quality standards found in all original Dynaco tube power amplifiers. From the polished nickel finish to the original Dynaco-brown silk-screened lettering, this chassis is pure Dynaco quality. This chassis accepts original ST-70 perforated metal cover.

St-35 Improved Chassis & Base st35chas

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